At Ex Machina, we are more than a technology partner; we are architects of interactive digital experiences.

Ex Machina specializes in creating reliable solutions that are trusted by some of the largest gaming and entertainment brands.

We offer creative services to create visual and interactive experiences. Whether it's websites, apps, or Twitch Extensions, we bring your vision to life by creating captivating concepts to inspire your audience.

We develop projects on PlayTwo, our platform that serves as a technology foundation for real-time and interactive projects.

PlayTwo: Your Engine for Real-Time Engagement

PlayTwo is our cloud-based technology stack designed for real-time interactions and gamification. Featuring everything from voting to competitive leaderboards, PlayTwo provides a variety of gamification tools to engage hundreds of thousands of users in real-time and lag-free. It seamlessly integrates with external apps and API's, supports robust account management, and offers CCPA/GDPR-compliant data management.

API integration & Real-time data

PlayTwo integrates with third-party APIs to ingest and process real-time data from other services or send data to external platforms for analytics, business intelligence and single sign-on platforms. It’s able to aggregate and process large quantities of data in real-time and provide this in a structured API or web interface to provide users accurate and quick updates.

Web & Native App Development

For web and native app development we use a modern, proven tech stack, hosted on AWS CloudFront for reliable global delivery, that supports localization and follows WCAG 2.1 standards for accessibility. Our applications are optimized for secure, ultra low latency communication with our PlayTwo platform to ensure we deliver a synchronized and fair user experience and prevent bad actors from influencing the results.

Professional Production Tools

Each project comes with easy to use production tools that enable your production team to prepare and manage live operations, see real-time results, and access performance statistics. Production tools are optimized for the needs and demands of that project using components that are deeply integrated with PlayTwo. Our production tools have powered some of the largest live TV formats, engagement campaigns and sports events.

Smooth operations: Load test, hosting and devops

Our DevOps toolset ensures reliable operations and hosting for any campaign. When you expect hundreds of thousands of users within minutes it's insufficient to rely on standard load balancing solutions. For high-concurrency events we perform advanced load tests using an automated framework that can simulate millions of users. Our advanced load and cluster management system can handle this massive amount of users without failure or decrease in performance.

Take Control of Your Data

We understand the importance of data in measuring the success and impact of your interactive projects. With our data and analytics services we provide in-depth insights or share access through APIs or exports.

All data created and tracked by our platform is safely stored by us and fully owned by you. We apply strict access control rules including a fully auditable access log, an encryption-at-rest policy and automated user data anonymization.